RUNODREW is a manufacturer of components for furniture industry. One of our production branches apart from glued board are MDF moldings. Furniture profiles are wrapped with papers, films, and natural veneers. The wide tooling background and a large color selection allow us to manufacture any MDF profile. We are presenting a sample range of furniture slats below.

Edge profiles

Profil 16x45 Profil 20x26 Profil 22x37 Profil 22x40 Profil 28x40 Profil 25x52
Profil 22x22 Profil 22x36 Profil 30x50 Profil 30x45 Profil 37x200 Profil 30x160

Frame profiles

Profil 16x55 Profil 18x70 Profil 19x55 Profil 19x64 Profil 22x39 Profil 22x52
Profil 22x60 Profil 22x68 Profil 22x73 Profil 25x85    

Handle profiles

Profil 30x30 Profil 30x30a Profil 30x45 Profil 34x55 Profil 48x60 Profil 48x60
Profil 60x100 Profil 60x108 Profil 60x60      


Downloads: Offer for moldings